Client Testimonials

Happy clients say…..

“I love Judy’s class – it’s been a year and my back and core strength has improved phenomenally. The sessions have built me up from beginner to intermediate and I’m able to challenge myself each week. I’ve also made some lovely friends and I look forward to Friday mornings! Thanks Judy!”

Dimple Patel, Northwood


“If I’m honest I didn’t really want to do pilates, however, following a back injury and after trying many things I thought it was time to give pilates a try, in effort to get my self back to what I love doing, which is running. After 10 weeks with Judy I achieved my goal of getting back to running. Judy made the classes enjoyable and her friendly and supportive approach was really appreciated when trying to get the hang of it. I would really recommend trying pilates with Judy.”

Adam Leach, Director R&D, Hatch End, Pinner


“Dear Judy,

At the start of 2016 I “lost” my wonderful trainer as she moved from the area. However, prior to her move and due to an injury to my shoulder , she introduced me to Pilates so,  when she left, I decided to go fully down the Pilates route – and what a good decision that turned out to be!

I went hunting for a Pilates instructor and found you and never looked back. 

I so much enjoy my lesson with you. Your quietness, care and attention and mixture of gentleness and firmness are just what I needed – and best of all I now have full pain-free movement in my damaged shoulder.

You are my hour of calm – and hard work! -on a busy week and I look forward to my lessons enormously.

Thank you.”

Arleen Levine, retired Company Director, Northwood


“Judy is a lovely person and an excellent Pilates instructor. She is very easy to get along with and I always looked forward to her lessons / visits. She is always punctual and arrives on time, and really is patient and explains things thoroughly and makes sure I do every move correctly.
I undertook Pilates with Judy as I had a baby, I’m very petite and had a very large bump late in the pregnancy, and my abdominal muscles separated (Diastasis Recti), so I had a gap, and I wanted to reduce / close this gap. I was told that Pilates was the best exercise to undertake, as it also strengthens the pelvic floor.
My gap has reduced now and I am continuing to do the exercises!
I enjoyed practicing Judy’s exercises at home on my own too and between lessons, and I could feel my muscles really working. Judy is very knowledgable and I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of taking up Pilates.”

Loraine Benjamin, Company Director, Stanmore


“Since starting Pilates I have gained a lot more awareness around the back and core stability and how important the two linked together creates a healthier spine, I feel I have strengthened in Judy’s classes and my back has improved since starting Pilates. Judy has great knowledge and shows empathy towards anyone with back problems and she tries to find the best exercises to suit all needs. The class is small and friendly and has superb relaxation environment. I recommend to anyone who is thinking about starting Pilates. thinking about starting Pilates.”

Chloe Orwin, Concept Developer, Hatch End, Pinner


“I enjoy coming to this small relaxed class, informal atmosphere. Friendly and knowledgeable instructor. Noticeable improvement in my posture and my core, which has helped alleviate niggling lower back pain and stiffness. Generally feel a lot more flexible. Wish I’d joined a few years ago!”

Claire Wallis


“Returning to exercise with a bad back that’s inoperable, my surgeon suggested Pilates to strengthen my core and support my back. I’ve been seeing Judy one to one now for six months. Having been away from away from exercise for a long time, I didn’t have the strength or confidence to go to group classes and was nervous about doing something that would make my condition worse.

Judy has worked me hard in this time but in a focussed way – concentrating on core strength and stability and working on lengthening my spine. My strength has increased enormously and I have core strength. I feel much better and am much more aware of my my posture and how my spine is supported.

Judy is a great teacher, patient and understands how to help me.”

Penny Thomas, Company Secretary, Rickmansworth 


“Judy is an excellent teacher with a calm and genuine manner giving attention to each person and has an excellent way of explaining the exercises allowing us to progress and work at our own pace.

Classes are small, relaxed with a friendly atmosphere.”

Karen King, Secretary, Pinner


“I never found an exercise I enjoyed before coming to Judy’s class. Pilates really works for me and I can feel and see a difference in my body, for the better.

Judy is amazing, she made me feel comfortable and at ease from my first lesson. Her classes allow you to work at your own pace, to challenge yourself and really feel that you are progressing and benefitting as the weeks go on. I’m so pleased I joined, it’s one of the highlights of my week, something I do just for me.”

Julie Davidson, Marketing, Pinner


“Judy’s class has been so helpful for my back. I never used to be able to sit comfortably when on the floor and have had years of lower back pain & just over the past 6 weeks I’ve noticed a huge improvement and can sit comfortably on the floor for much longer now! Thoroughly recommend her classes 😀 Thank you Judy see you next week!”

Emma Canvin Hope, Student/Intern, Chorleywood


“I can’t recommend Judy enough. I started seeing her 1-2-1 when my third baby was 3 months old. I hadn’t exercised for some time having broken my knee. Six months on, my pelvis is stable, my core is restored and my 4cm diastasis has closed. I’ve had three large babies and two c sections, but have never felt stronger – and my pre baby jeans fit! Thank you Judy!”

Sinead Magill, Director, North Harrow


“Judy’s Pilates class is wonderful. It’s a small, friendly class that is welcoming and fun. After carrying my two (rather large!) babies, my back was weak, my core strength non-existent and I was suffering from diastasis recti. After six months of Pilates, I am pleased to say my abdominal gap has closed, my back pain is now under control and I feel stronger than I have done in a long time. Judy encourages you to push yourself, but within your own comfort levels. She is a brilliant, lovely teacher!”

Katie Goodwin, Product Manager, North Harrow


“I highly recommend Pilates with Judy Bertram. As a total beginner last year, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was warmly welcomed to the small friendly class. I started off with very gentle but effective exercises, gradually each new term brings new and more challenging stretches and exercises but everything is done at an individual pace. As a member of a gym , I’ve tried Pilates before and other classes but found Pilates mat work with Judy the one I look forward to most and the one I have committed to. I think this is because I’ve found Judy to be very understanding in regard to people’s individual circumstances, both in terms of personal life and in supporting achieving people’s fitness goals .

I began just before my two older boys began a summer of GCSEs and A level exams and needed to find a way to relax and get rid of stress, this stress release was instant and I felt this after my first lesson. I have strengthened my core (had 4 caesarians so was weak), improved my balance, flexibility and have begun to tone up (just need to start that bit again after Christmas)! More importantly it’s something for me for one hour a week that I really enjoy and joining Pilates with Judy was one of the best things I did in 2015 after years of doing everything for the children first. Judy is knowledgeable, understanding , patient and a very warm friendly person, and I believe if you are looking for a healthier, happier, fitter and all over better well being, you should try one of her classes so you can see for yourself the benefits.”

Anne Bateman, Child Minder, Pinner


“I am 83 and had a very successful hip replacement 7 months ago. My recovery was excellent apart from my balance. My doctor suggested Pilates could help. Judy came to my rescue with hourly home visits. I am now walking confidently without a stick! Judy works with patience, humour and great enthusiasm. I can’t thank her enough.”

Brenda Lindop, retired Deputy Head Teacher, Pinner


“After many years I went outing in London with family, it was due to Judy giving me my life back. I suffered from pelvic pain for nearly eight years and having been through a few procedures with the NHS, they found nothing until I begged my GP for a MRI scan. I had a bulging disk (L5) which caused pelvic pain. I was given a steroid injection with an epidural which caused me more pain and took weeks to recover from, but my pain was still with me.

My GP told me that my pain was linked with my mental state, therefore I should take anti-depression tablets. I was stressed due to my pain, not vice versa; I refused but took many painkillers over the years.

In May 2015 before we went to Canada for a family wedding, I decided to have pilates sessions one-to-one and found the wonderful Judy and booked ten sessions. I felt the difference within the first few sessions. I also enjoyed our family wedding without pain, so I kept doing some pilates exercises while I was in Canada.

Thanks to Judy for teaching me how to improve and strengthen my core muscles. Judy understood my needs and tailored exercise according to my needs. Also, I found the one-to-one session therapeutic as I talked about my pain to Judy and she understood my pain!

Now I go for long walks every day, ride my bike and every Sunday watch my son playing football (standing and shouting for a few hours!). Mentally I feel better and am enjoying my life again.”

Raje Dhura, Rickmansworth 


“Being a mother of 3 teenagers finds me not so much physically exhausted any more, but more mentally. The trials and tribulations that arise with them and with life in general. I joined Judy’s pilates class to take time out and do something for myself for a change. Every week I am able to switch off, finding my own personal peaceful zone and emptying my mind from anything else. The added bonus of this class is the fitness and toning that comes with it. Since joining pilates, I have felt the benefits of feeling firmer with better flexibility, learnt some wonderful stretching exercises and being a PA sitting at a desk all day, my posture has certainly improved. Judy is a positive, patient teacher and her passion for pilates is very infectious and most certainly shines through.”

Donna Zanotto, Pinner


“I used to do Pilates several years ago and really enjoyed it and had hugely benefited from it. I was looking to bring it into my lifestyle again to complement my other activities, walking and exercises. I was looking for a good teacher. I came across Judy’s contact details a few weeks ago and I struck it lucky! I find that I am already benefiting from my weekly sessions with her. Judy is an excellent teacher and I feel totally at ease with her. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her.”

Zainul Lawrence, Accountant,  Harrow


“You could say I’m a lazy runner – I run and don’t stretch properly knowing that I need to! I wanted to develop my inner strength and endurance and also ensure my overall well being was addressed. Also, given that I was starting to move towards middle age, I thought it was about time ! Pilates has been brilliant. I feel much stronger when I run and can run longer at a much stronger pace. My overall body feels like it’s been fine tuned! I would definitely recommend this mix of exercise, and I would recommend Judy!”

Sharon Peters, Project Manager, Pinner


“I look forward to coming to Pilates every Friday morning as Judy is very knowledgeable and very passionate about the way she teaches. She makes sure that the class executes the exercises correctly, and if not she will tweak your position accordingly. The classical background music helps you to relax and at the end of the session I always feel relaxed and refreshed to face whatever the day has to throw at me.”

Annette Benson, Hatch End


“Thanks to Judy I am now most definitely a firm believer in the power of Pilates. Admittedly, I was skeptical about trying it at first but after just one private session and some very, very gentle movements I could really feel my body had been working hard. It was fascinating to learn the subtle ways in which I could move my body in order to improve my posture and strengthen my weakened lower back muscles. Everything about the session and the movements just made so much sense, I can’t believe that no one has recommended it to me before. Judy herself oozes passion, knowledge and enthusiasm about Pilates and is warm, attentive and professional. I can’t wait for my son to start nursery so I can join one of her weekly classes!”

Kim Wilmshurst, Harrow


“I had a massive gap in my stomach muscles after my first baby was born and that typical post-baby flabby tummy. I thought I would have to go running, do spinning and lots of high impact exercise to change my shape. But Judy convinced me Pilates was the answer. After having had private sessions with Judy for 3 months my stomach muscles had closed and my stomach was flatter than ever. Not only that, my posture had improved radically. I am now a complete Pilates convert. Judy is an amazing teacher. She tailor-made a programme to suit me and my needs and is so encouraging all the way. I can highly recommend her.”

Joanna Ment, Northwood