What should I wear?

Clothing should be close-fitting, yet allow freedom of movement. Socks (non-slip) may be worn. Bare feet are fine. Jewellery should be minimal.

Will I need to bring my own mat?

No, not unless you wish to! I will provide mats, head cushions and other small equipment.

Can I just drop-in for a class?

In certain circumstances this is acceptable. Please email me in advance to be sure that there is space available. However, to realise the benefits of Pilates regular attendance is highly recommended and practice at home.

Judy Bertram Pilates FAQs

What if I am late for class?

Please be punctual and arrive five minutes before the start of class. Once the class has started, late-comers will not be admitted to the studio. It is unfair to others to disrupt the flow of the class.

Will I lose weight?

For maximum health benefits and weight-management, Pilates needs to be combined with a healthy balanced diet and cardiovascular work. For example, aerobic exercise such as brisk-walking, swimming, gentle jogging or cycling.